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Affiliate / Referral Program
Here’s How Our Affiliate / Referral Program Works:

1. You refer someone to buy a shelf corporation or our mastermind program.

2. You tell us that they are going to buy providing us with their exact full name, email and phone number, before they complete the purchase plus your own name, email and phone number.

You can do that by emailing us at:

Please make sure to write: Affiliate/Referral program as a subject line for your application to be considered as valid.

These details have to match with the purchase, otherwise the referral will be considered as void.

3. After the purchase has been made you need to email us again stating that the purchase has been made and give us your zelle account.

We will need the exact zelle name, email, phone number and whether the zelle account is business or personal.

If everything checks out, we will wire you a $1,000 when your referral buys a shelf corporation and $500 when they buy our program.

In order to receive full payment, the person you referred to us has to pay full price for the corporation and/or for the program.

Right now, the full prices for the shelf corporation are $9,997 and $4,997 for the coaching program.

These amounts are subject to change without any previous notice.

Any discount applied will be deducted from your commission.

Note: We do not pay commissions for any purchases that have been made through our financing program nor do we pay commission if the purchase hasn’t been paid in full. Installments will not be considered as a valid referral. 
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