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Derrick Whitehead - Founder and CEO of Alpha Incorporated and Economic Masonry
From the desk of Derrick Whitehead.

Murrieta California, June 2023

Dear friend,

Right now what you are just a step away from “holding in your hands” the “Power” to replace old-fashioned, unpleasant “grunt work”, costly and unpredictable business methods with a PROVEN TOOL that will PREDICTABLY GET you funding, literally on demand so you can use this money to invest and grow your business.

Here's The Deal:

If you visit one of the largest corporation providers in the country: wholesaleshelfcorporations dot com you will see that they sell similar types of corporations that we sell for a whopping $12,000 to $15,000.

On top of that, once you buy it, you STILL need to build it if you want to get any money from your bank.
And good luck with asking them for help, especially after you’ve paid them.

AND no one even knows whether this corp is unpublished…

OR whether it’s also been sold online.

All red flags to the banks.

Not to mention the price…


We usually sell or corporations for much less than that.

We can sell you an unpublished, seasoned age shelf corp (ideal age) 4 to 8 years old, never been used, never been published for only $10,000.

That’s a great deal if you ask me.

It contains proper EIN, address, phone number land line, correct sit code and all necessary so the banks can fall in love with it and shower you with obscene amounts of funding (to put it mildly)

HOWEVER as you are one of our VIP webinar participants when you get it today you will pay ONLY $7,997!
So Here's My Promise To You:

When you buy a corporation from today, I'm gonna personally make sure, that you get exactly what you’ve paid for and help you build it so it is completely ready to pull up from 150,000$ to $500,000 and even $1M of funding. 
This Offer Will Expire in:

Your Ready-For-Funding-Corporation Contains All The Necessary Bells And Whistles, So You Can Be Quickly Approved For (From $200,000 To $1M)… 

Your Corp is:
  • Unpublished (This is a Must Have)
  • Never Sold Online (Banks Require That)
  • Ideal Age (4 to 8 Years Old) 
  • With a Proper EIN Number (Assigned After Purchase)
  • We will teach you where to get a proper physical business address (Important)
  • We will teach you where to get proper a business phone number (Land Line)
  • ​With Ideal SIC And NICS Codes (This Can Get You Denied or Approved) 
  • Properly Structured (Ready to Receive Your Funds)
  • Properly Built For Funding (Enjoy Your Million $)
Before $10,000 - Now Only $7,997

Pull Unlimited Funding From Any Bank at Will, And Invest it Like a Wall Street Wizard With Certainty
and Peace of Mind… 

This Is a ONE-TIME Special Offer That Will Get You An Unpublished, Seasoned Age Shelf Corporation (Ideal Age) 4 To 8 Years Old, Never Been Used, Never Been Published Ready For INSANE Amounts Of Funding For Only $7,997
Instead of $8,000
Right Now You Can Now Access to $200,000 To $1M In Funding, Invest It, Lay Back And Enjoy Your Financial Freedom For Only a Fraction Of The Cost

Many of my clients say that this is by far the easiest and the most consistent way to generate wealth I have ever seen!

Because it’s true.

It’s like having а license to print money out of thin air (Legally)

Once you get your corp…there is no turning back…the sky is the limit.

And no you have the opportunity to access it all for a fraction of the cost!
Before $8,000 - Now Only $7,997
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