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Derrick Whitehead - Founder and CEO
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Would You Like Me To Personally Help You Get From $250,000 To $1,000,000 in Corporate Funding And 10x it in Just 4 Weeks or Less?   
Work With Me One-On-One And Will Personally
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In Corporate Funding And Double, Triple, Or Even Quadruple Your Business in Just 4 weeks or Less. 
Derrick Whitehead - Founder and CEO 
of Alpha Incorporated


Derrick Whitehead is an international speaker, author, entrepreneur & creator of numerous stunningly profitable companies and business programs.

He has an extensive carrier in the banking industry that spans over three decades and now he is the CEO of his wildly successful company: Alpha Incorporated.

His company now manages over $20.2B portfolio of multifamily properties and privately held companies.

Yes, that's a Billion with a "B"

Derrick is considered one of the very few TOP sales training and banking experts in the world today.

Over the course of his 30-year career, he has helped politicians, athletes, artists, small business owners, and large corporations to acquire million $ business funding and take their companies to the next level of success.
He has grown multiple businesses to 7 and 8 figures including a chain of restaurants, a real estate investment fund, and a luxury car dealership in San Diego California purely using a little-known financing strategy called ScratchPubCo.

A ScratchPubCo is a high finance term used to describe taking a company from zero to a multimillion and even a billion-dollar publicly traded company.

“I help individuals and companies to get large amounts of initial capital in cash from the bank to instantly jump-start their business and grow them to multi-million-dollar companies or buy whatever they need to succeed. And once they learn how to do this…there is no turning back…the sky is the limit.” – Says Derrick
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 How To Put From $50,000 To $500,000 Into Your Pocket in Just 12 Weeks or Less. No Matter How Broke Or How Bad Your Credit Is Right Now.
The Secrets of Not Only Surviving, But Thriving In Today’s Tough Economic Times!
The 4 Steps Every Billionaire Makes On Their Path To Riches, And How You Can Follow it Too
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What People Are Saying About us:

Real People - Real Results

"...I Don’t Know How To Express My Gratitude…!"

I don’t know how to express my gratitude to Derrick.

His help is priceless.

Because of him I am now a much better businessman.
Thank you so much!

Cuttino Mobley, Professional basketball player, famous motivational speaker - Los Angeles, California

"Derrick is The Best Kept Secret You Could Ever Run Into!"

I have to tell you, Derrick is the best kept secret you could ever run into.

This was the best conversations about business I’ve had in years, and I’ve spoken to some pretty remarkable people.

He laid it out so simple and concise, it was amazing, almost mind-blowing.
From credit to PG – personal guarantor, corporate structure to getting the actual money from the bank.

Jennifer Daily. CEO of Daily Incorporated - Boston, Massachusetts

"What Derrick Taught me is Way Beyond Anything I Ever Learned in Business!"

The information that Derrick has taught me is way beyond anything I learned in business.
I was never thought any of this in business school or on the internet.
I’ve heard a little bit of this and a little bit of that from people who specialize in credit or business structure, but I’ve never had anyone that can fill in the gaps from beginning to end like Derrick did.
Derrick told me everything I need to know from scratch to building the company to properly, getting corporate credit or getting my company public in such an easy manner. 

Stephen Hohm, CEO of NP Associates - Manhattan, New York
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